Autumn 2016 colour trends

Autumn 2016 colour palette paint sticks

A new season and a new colour palette to work with. The new Pantone colour palette for Autumn 2016 is made up of mostly watery blues and earthy spiced tones.

The colours were all over the autumn/winter catwalks, and have also started trickling into interiors following into 2017.

Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Potters Clay, Lilac

The autumn/winter ’16-17 catwalk amongst other smaller trends reflected the key 10 Pantone colours. Its watery blues, earthy tones with its pops of jewel colours, is a quiet, and simple palette for some calm within a turbulent world.

In interiors we are moving away from cold colours. Cold grey’s are a thing of the past and we are now looking at more stone coloured natural grey’s. The big colour for 2017 is a warmer grey blue. Generally colours are becoming warmer and a lot more calming. Warm calming hues are complimented by natural textures. We look forward to spicy earthy colours, and earthy textures like wood, clay and wicker. Blonde wood has been big for the last two years, but in 2017 we will be returning to the darker woods. Metallic accents like rose gold, brass and copper have still got legs this autumn, but copper in particular will be a fading trend once we are into 2017.


We are saying goodbye to some favourite colours that have been big in the last year, navy and midnight blues are disappearing and we are saying a ‘hello’ to dark jewel greens.


More to come on trends, what’s going up and what’s going down, plus looking closely at some of these colour trends and how it has influenced hair and beauty.










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